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MySQL Hot Backup Scheduler

On all our Linux Hostings, we are now providing 'MySQL Hot Backup Scheduler' under the cPanel account.

This interface allows you to put your database in the backup schedule run on the server for the Hot Backups. It is especially useful if you have InnoDB tables.

A database listed under this schedule, has its data backed up every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at approx 00:30 AM IST Time. The backup file is stored as /home/<cp_username>/<db_name>.sql.bz2 . Important points w.r.t. to this service are

Security Caveats for Linux Shared Hosting

Security is a major part of any web-hosting operations. Interestingly, most of due diligence can be exercised by the client himself. I'll just jot it down in points what can client can and should do w.r.t. Security Settings.

Softaculous - The Best Available Script Installer for Linux Hosting

All our Linux Shared Hostings come with Softaculous Script installer. As far as our opinion goes, this installer is the best there in the market. Softaculous is a cPanel plugin that lets you install several third parties script within your Hosting Account. Apart from giving a user hassle free experience, it also boasts of wide range of Scripts alongside the most popular ones such as for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento.

Troubleshooting for cPanel based Email Accounts

If you face issues in receiving /sending mails via Outlook/Outlook-Express/Thunderbird, you can try using direct IP in place of incoming and outgoing server.

Also, you can try using port 465 (with SSL) or port 587 (with TLS) as outgoing port. For POP port 995 (with SSL) can be used, and for IMAP port 993 ( with SSL) can be used. (Note: Certificate warning should be accepted by clicking YES)

Do provide us with the results of the following three commands (on Windows platform) mentioned below if you continue to face the issue:

MySQL Hot Backup

Backups are very important part of any Web Hosting Company's Business. With respect to Database backups, especially MySQL, there are two techniques that can be used to take MySQL backups

IE Security 101 - The very first step to being secure

Greetings beginners. Hopefully in the next 5-10 minutes that you are going to give to this article, you will be learning the basic security features of Internet Explorer (IE).

Preventing Wordpress Comment Spam with reCAPTCHA

Any Wordpress webmaster is all to familiar with Spam/Bogus comments that are posted on blog posts or Wordpress pages. Problem is more accentuated with the automated bots/malware/viruses, which typically can post thousands of Spam comments on any website in a given day. One way to manage this undesired activity is to totaly turn-off comment system is Wordpress. Other way is to moderate every comment. Both these options can be set from within Wordpress Admin Section. Former approach is undesired on a dynamic or an engaing website.

Creating Bootable Linux USB

In this article I want to share my experience in creating a bootable Linux USB/Pendrive. For those who are unaware of this concept, a bootable Linux USB is just like a bootable CD/DVD, but it can be with persistent or non-persistent storage. Lets first put in points why at all we need a bootable USB.
  • Backup Operating System - Just in case if the Operating System on the Hard Disk crashes or becomes unworkable or if there is an issue with your Hard Disk, you can simply boot using the USB Linux and work with all the installed Softwares like Office Suite etc.

Web Hosting & Security - Who is Responsible?

Security is an integral part of Web Hosting Business. But what is important to define the sphere of responsibilities of Security between the Web Hosting Company and the Client. So let me proceed by mentioning a list of few typical security issues which we encounter on daily basis. This list mentions the symptoms, not the causes
  • Web Pages with Malware Infection leading to various secondary attacks
  • Web Pages which are a part of Phishing Network
  • Abuse of comment system especially on Wordpress

Web Hosting Scenario in India

We hosting service has come a long way in the Indian market. If we were to track down Web Hosting industry, many things have changed from later 90's to till now. The current scenario can be broken down on following parameters - pricing, offerings, quality of service, business sustainability and client awareness. Soon we will dwell upon these parameters, but the biggest difference between then and now is the COMPETITION. The competition is so fierce in the Indian Web Hosting market that it is now literally a dog eat dog world.
Our Linux Hosting is an ideal solution to host : Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, CakePHP, osCommerce etc. based applications and websites