We offer Cloud/VPS Plans under SR Series. SR Series means Single Reseller Series based on CentOS, CloudLinux and cPanel WHM.

The plans are tailor made for resellers and customers who wish to migrate to their own Cloud/VPS infrastructure. The customer would have the whole VPS to their account only (apart from test account(s)). Pack Web Hosting Pvt Ltd would install their proprietary management software which would allow the customer to manage several aspects of their VPS/Instance. We would not provide root access, but would be more than willing to share Screenshots/Info on how the VPS is being utilised.

This solution is ideal for those customers who do not wish to go into the drill of managing a Cloud VPS or a server, but still desire the access to better infrastructure.

Please go through the plans mentioned below. In case you have any questions/queries, please mail us at support@packwebhosting.com.

SR-1 SR-3 SR-6 SR-8
vCPU Cores
(Shared CPU)
1 core 2 cores 4 cores 6 cores
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Disk 50 GB SSD 80 GB SSD 160 GB SSD 320 GB SSD
per Month
2 TB 4 TB 5 TB 8 TB
Price per month
Starts from

  • Taxes are extra.
  • The prices can change during the term of a VPS based on factors like control panel's licensing and other factors beyond our control. The same would be required to be paid by the client for continuity of service even if the plan has been billed at the old price.
  • All rates mentioned above are in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified.
  • We have a strict anti-spam policy.
  • All the scripts are third party scripts. We take no responsibility with respect to their installation and functioning, and any results or consequences of their usage..
  • We would setup the VPS to best of our ability and knowledge
  • We take no guarantees for security of the VPS or any content hosted on it
  • We would provide support upto 5 hrs. per month. Beyond that we would bill Rs.500 per hour.
  • At all the times, any content on your VPS, should conform to Pack Web Hosting's AUP - Authorized Usage Policy (http://www.packwebhosting.com/aup.html).
  • All Content should also be in conformity with Data Center's AUP also.
  • AUP's mentioned above may change from time to time. At any time your content would need to conform to the current AUP’s.
  • If the VPS does not conform to the AUPs, suitable action like suspension of the said VPS/account etc. will be undertaken. The said VPS/account etc. will be terminated 15 days after suspension.
  • Payment terms for all plans above will strictly be enforced. Non-payment will lead to immediate suspension after due date and termination will happen 7 days thereafter.
  • A plan can be upgraded based on feasability. After an upgrade, if the client wants us to downgrade the package, it is only possible after two months of the upgrade have lapsed.
  • In-case you are using MySQL's InnodB Engine, you are advised to take the dump of the DB via MySQL's mysqldump command. This can be taken via a cron job or by other means.