1. All hosting account(s) must be in accordance with our AUP (Authorized Usage Policy) posted at the following link - http://packwebhosting.com/aup.html. Non-compliance of AUP may lead to termination of service(s) without any notice and without any refund options.
  2. Our AUP (Authorized Usage Policy) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) may change from time to time. At any instance your account(s) should conform to the same
  3. Payments must be received in advance before any order is placed and also before/on the due date of invoice. Non receipt of payment on/before due date will lead to suspension of the account with immediate effect without any notice. Suspended accounts will be terminated from the system after 14 days from the due date
  4. Part payments shall not be accepted.
  5. All payments are non-refundable unless otherwise explicitly stated.
  6. Support is only for the service(s) which you have undertaken from us. Outside this, anything asked for is liable to be billed.
  7. Ideally any support/problem tickets/emails raised will be answered within one working day. But is some case it may take more than one working day depending upon the complexity of the issue involved.
  8. Upto only 2 GB space is allowed with respect to cummulative Email Space Usage for a Linux Hosting Account. Excess space is liable to be billed @ Rs.200 per GB/month.
  9. Any MySQL Database may only contain no more than 1024 tables. If it exceeds this limit, that database can be dropped/terminated without notice.
  10. With respect to Dedicated Servers with Linux Operating System, as we will provide the client with root access. Any support activity beyond the agreed terms, will be billable @ Rs.500/- hr. Certain tasks like OS reload etc. will be billable at the rates as and when applicable As it is a semi-managed service, client will be responsible for the security of the server and observance of our Authorized Usage Policy (AUP) all the time while the server is running.
  11. Right of service is reserved. We can refuse to service/process any order/renewal without assigning any reason.
  12. With respect to Dedicated Servers with Windows Operating System, we will provide the client with full admin access. The servers will be totally unmanaged with the client provided full administrative access. Client is responsible for managing/ensuring security, software updates etc. Certain tasks like OS reload etc. will be billable at the rates as and when applicable. Client will be required to ensure observance of Authorized Usage Policy (AUP) all the time while the server is running.
  13. Though every effort is made to ensure integrity and security of data on our servers, but inherent nature of Internet, does not allow us to give the guarantee for the same. Ultimately its the client responsibility to take regular backups of their data.
  14. Receipt of Payment by us does not imply the control of Domain Name to the payee. Ownership of a Domain Name will be in the name of the Title supplied while buying the Domain.
  15. All disputes are subject to Chandigarh (India) Jurisdiction only.