These bulk addon plans are best suited if you are directly managing several websites, and that you really wish to use the cPanel to manage all these websites. These plans basically are just a bigger variant of standard Linux Hosting Plans :

Please find below a chart of various plans in this category. We have three bulk addon plans: Bulk-25, Bulk-50 and Bulk-100.

Bulk-25 Bulk-50 Bulk-100
Hostings Allowed 25 50 100
Space 25 GB
15 GB Web Space
10 GB ProXMail
50 GB
30 GB Web Space
20 GB Email Space
100 GB
60 GB Web Space
40 GB Email Space
Data-Transfer 250 GB/month 500 GB/month 1000 GB/month
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
One Click Installs
Wordpress, Joomla etc.
PHP (Multiple Versions)
*File Lock
Improves Security
Free Free Free
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarding
Webmail Access
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Stats
Price Rs.10000/- yearly
Rs.5500/- half-yearly
Rs.3000/- quarterly
Rs.15000/- yearly
Rs.8250/- half-yearly
Rs.4500/- quarterly
Rs.30000/- yearly
Rs.16500/- half-yearly
Rs.9000/- quarterly

  • Taxes are extra
  • All rates mentioned above are in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified.
  • The prices can change during the term of a Hosting or the Service. The same would be required to be paid by the client on pro-rated basis for continuity of service even if the plan has been billed at the old price. If the client does not agree to pay the same within 30 days of intimation via email, a refund would be offered to the client for the remaining period and the associated hosting or service shall be terminated.
  • We have a strict anti-spam policy.
  • Unlimited features are subject to the limits imposed by technical limitations and reasonable use. In no case File Sharing, illegal content or any content prohibited by our AUP will be allowed.
  • Upgrades can be done from one package to an another package by paying the prorated difference (including the current month) or Rs.200/- whichever is more.
  • In multi accounts hostings there will be only one control panel.
  • If you need SSL, you use server's default certificate. This will be a shared certificate. If you want your own certificate, you'll need a separate IP for it. This will cost you Rs.1200/- per year flat. Additionally you'll also need to buy the certificate. To learn more about SSL, visit Thawte's or InstalSSL's website. We'll charge no setup fee to install SSL certificate for your website.
  • W.r.t. security of data or information, we do not make any commitments or provide any assurances. A client is wholly and solely responsible for all the data present in his account(s). Whether the data is uploaded/modified/deleted manually by the client or by any person authorised by the client, or is uploaded/modified/deleted by any un-authorised person, or is uploaded/modified/deleted by the activity of scripts/software on the account irrespective whether they are setup by the client or by a malicious process or by a malware, or whether the information is transmitted via authorised or un-authorised means, or whether the information is transmitted to authorised or un-authorised entities, the client shall be wholly and solely responsible for all the actions and activities. A client is also required to always have a backup of the current data (all files and databases) on his local system or a PC. We do not provide any assurance or commitment to provisioning of backups at our end.
  • We reserve the right to take coercive actions w.r.t. any account(s) which we deem is in violations of our procedures or guidelines or AUP or AUP of the upstream provider. These actions can be but not limited to : blocking of website, blocking of a user, application of file or directory locks, suspension of account and in extreme cases termination of the account(s)
  • We reserve the right to take any administrative action(s) w.r.t. your account(s) or services ,which may include but not limited to : modification of the file and data structure, transmission or copy of data to another system, imposition of limits on various actions or activities w.r.t. your account(s) or service(s)
  • We are not liable for any damages or costs, or agony, or mental or emotional stress or torture, resulting from the use of our services or from deficiency of our services, or for the actions undertaken by our staff and/or management.
  • You can make your emails go through a spam filtering software called Spam Assassin. This feature you have to enable manually. Please contact us for more info about it.
    Being a third party software, we take no responsibility with respect to its effectiveness or for any actions resulting from its usage.
  • Domain Keys and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) can be enabled on request without any extra charges. These measures help in sending outgoing email to various service providers.
  • All these free scripts are third party free scripts. We take no responsibility with respect to their installation and functioning.
  • All hosting accounts are subject to the AUP (Authorize Usage Policy) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).