CCAvenue Authorized Reseller Seal
Pack Web Hosting is an Authorized Reseller for CCAvenue Payment Gateway (

CCAvenue is the largest Payment Gateway in India and is currently handling more than 85% e-commerce transactions in the country. Amongst its clients are,,,, etc,

Being their Authorized Reseller , Pack Web Hosting can offer you attractive discount on the Setup Fee of Premium & Privilege Schemes. In-case of Economy Scheme, whose setup cost is Zero, we offer you other incentives if you buy through us.

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Below mentioned are various CCAvenue plans

Economy Privilege
Setup Fee Zero Rs.40000 plus Service Tax
27500 (incl Service Tax)
MasterCard / Visa / Diners Club Credit Cards TDR Charges 5.5% 2.5%
Debit Card TDR Charges 1.25% 1.25%
Netbanking TDR Charges 4% 2.5%
American Express/JCB/Cash Cards TDR Charges 4% 2.5%
CCAvenue PhonePay 0.5% over and above the Credit/Debit/Cash Card TDR charges 0.5% over and above the Credit/Debit/Cash Card TDR charges
ASUC (Annual Software Upgradation Charges) Rs.1200
Waived for 1st Financial Year
Price Rs.1200/- yearly
Waived off for remaining
current Financial Year
Rs.3600/- yearly

  • Initial setup fee will be paid to Pack Web Hosting. Other fees/charges will be directly payable to CCAvenue
  • Pack Web Hosting's role is limited to initial Application process. W.r.t. to approval of the application, support issues, transaction issues, etc. the Merchant would need to directly deal with CCAvenue. In the application process stage, some agreements between you and CCAvenue or you and the bank institution, will be required on Stamp Paper. These charges will be borne by the client.
  • Initially all payment options may not be active. Some may require further documentation, approvals or their can be time-gap. If some option(s) is not approved, client would need to deal with CCAvenue directly.
  • Taxes as applicable will be levied on setup fees, ASUC and TDR charged by CCAvenue.
  • ASUC Charges will be charged by CCAvenue.In-case of Premium & Privilege Plans, pro-rated charges will be charged for the 1st Financial Year
  • Current rate of Service Tax is 12.36%