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Preventing Wordpress Comment Spam with reCAPTCHA

Any Wordpress webmaster is all to familiar with Spam/Bogus comments that are posted on blog posts or Wordpress pages. Problem is more accentuated with the automated bots/malware/viruses, which typically can post thousands of Spam comments on any website in a given day. One way to manage this undesired activity is to totaly turn-off comment system is Wordpress. Other way is to moderate every comment. Both these options can be set from within Wordpress Admin Section. Former approach is undesired on a dynamic or an engaing website.

PH-777 - Manage permissions from within cPanel

We have some good news for those who are already running Linux hostings with us or plan to buy a new plan. We have in-house developed a cPanel plugin called PH-777 a.k.a. Permission Handler. This module lets you manage/change permissions and ownership of any folder/file recursively right through your own cPanel account. This module is ideally most suited for Joomla and Wordpress developers who have problems installing modules/components. Also it is useful if you have files/sub-directories owned by user nobody.

Wordpress Installation/Upgrade on cPanel with Fantastico

A webmaster may encounter certain issues while installing Wordpress through Fantastico on a server running Pure-FTP.

Ideally we would prefer that you directly download Wordpress from wordpress.org and use it. But if still you want to use via Fantastico, here is the way to go forward. Steps in this article do not apply if you are using Wordpress 3.2+

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