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Web Hosting & Security - Who is Responsible?

Security is an integral part of Web Hosting Business. But what is important to define the sphere of responsibilities of Security between the Web Hosting Company and the Client. So let me proceed by mentioning a list of few typical security issues which we encounter on daily basis. This list mentions the symptoms, not the causes
  • Web Pages with Malware Infection leading to various secondary attacks
  • Web Pages which are a part of Phishing Network
  • Abuse of comment system especially on Wordpress

Web Hosting Scenario in India

We hosting service has come a long way in the Indian market. If we were to track down Web Hosting industry, many things have changed from later 90's to till now. The current scenario can be broken down on following parameters - pricing, offerings, quality of service, business sustainability and client awareness. Soon we will dwell upon these parameters, but the biggest difference between then and now is the COMPETITION. The competition is so fierce in the Indian Web Hosting market that it is now literally a dog eat dog world.

Security: ModSecurity - Security vs Usability

As server admin's, we always strive to provide top notch service and support. Running a server not only involves keeping the server online, but also we have to ensure that data on the server remains secure and safe.

Web Hosting Choice - Linux or Windows?

These days anyone who is online know there are two popular operating system platforms - Linux and Windows. Even if someone does not know, might have heard about Linux by now :-). On your desktop, it does not make much of a difference as Microsoft Windows is considered the defacto operating system - atleast in India where rampant piracy is there. For many a people only Windows is THE Operating System. But all this changes when  you need to host your website.

Our Linux Hosting is an ideal solution to host : Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, CakePHP, osCommerce etc. based applications and websites